Corporate Team Building / Seminars & Conferences

We are specialized in providing exclusive event management. Organizing a corporate event is one of the chief task given to the event manager. We are the team of professionals and highly talented people who make yours event successful. Corporate events mainly include Seminars, Product launching parties, Conferences, Dealers Meet parties, Theme parties and many more.


ATL(Above The Line) consist of advertising activity that are largely non- targeted and have a wide reach. We deals in ATL and our strategic team promote your brand throughout Radio, Newspapers, Television, Magazine where your brand reaches to mass audiences. BTL(Below The Line) advertising consist of very specific, memorable and direct advertising activities focused on targeted group of consumers. Our team expertise in BTL activation. Many companies focus on developing a strategy to introduce their product to a new market. We are here to provide you the strategy which targeted the most receptive audiences. Through our simple and innovative marketing approach we are successful in organizing many BTL events like Road Shows, Mall Activation, RWA Activities, Market activities and many more. TTL(Through The Line) advertising involves the use of both ATL & BTL marketing strategies. The recent consumer trend in the market requires integration of both ATL & BTL strategies for better result. Our team manages TTL promotions where we promote your products and brands on social media, Hording, Sponsored Banners etc.

Audio And Visual

The importance of audio and visual at any event is often underestimated. Any occasion is incomplete with foot tapping music in the background and amazing lighting effect that create a soothing ambiance. We provide a high and good quality audio and visual equipment for your event. We will make sure that only latest technology audio and visual equipments are offered to our clients. Quality matters a lot for us and our clients satisfaction is our prime motto so we are ensuring to provide advanced equipments. We provide Sound System, Light System, Projection System, Plasma, Led Walls, Led Screen, Laser, Projector, Trust, DJ Setup etc.